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Commercial Property

Commercial property is an investment for some and a place to do business for others. Whichever side of the coin you’re on, the law has specific guidelines for leasing commercial property. We can help answer some of your questions about commercial property so that you can make smart business decisions and get back to doing what you enjoy.

Commercial property differs from residential property in several ways, the most important difference being that the lessee (the tenant) will be using the property to conduct business. Both tenants and landlords should come to the table ready to negotiate terms that are favorable to each. Tenants will need an agreement that allows them the interior space and financial wiggle room to run a successful business. Landlords want to draft terms that allow them to cover expenses and see a return on their investment. Before engaging in a commercial property agreement, you might consider speaking with an attorney who specializes in real estate. When you’re ready to go, we can provide you with a free commercial lease agreement.

Below you’ll find some helpful articles that cover the ins and outs of commercial property. And if you decide at some point that you could use some legal advice, we can find a lawyer to help answer your questions.