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When a new boutique, salon or cafe wants to move into your commercial space, you'll need to sign a Retail Space Lease before you start collecting rent. As a commercial landlord, you can use a Retail... Read more

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Making a Retail Space Lease

  • What is a Retail Space Lease?

    When a new boutique, salon or cafe wants to move into your commercial space, you'll need to sign a Retail Space Lease before you start collecting rent. As a commercial landlord, you can use a Retail Lease as a means of documenting the details of a retailer's tenancy. When it is drafted correctly, this essential commercial rental contract can help to reduce disputes by ensuring that both the landlord and the tenant business owner(s) share a mutual understanding. You can click on the button that says "Make document" to check out the sample Retail Space Lease.

  • Is my Retail Space Rental Agreement legally binding under local law?

    As with any other legal contract, a Retail Space Rental Agreement is not legally binding until it is signed. This customized document from Rocket Lawyer can offer much more protection than a generic Retail Space Lease template that you might find elsewhere. As a Rocket Lawyer member, you may opt to access Document Defense® for your lease, which allows an attorney to help you get paid or enforce your rights.

  • Should landlords create Retail Space Rental Agreements each time they rent out a property?

    Even if you are offering the rental as a favor, having a record of your agreement with those renting from you is important. Making a Retail Space Lease will most likely be a smart move for you due to the benefits shown here:

    • Neither party is surprised by how long the rental will last
    • The landlord and tenant(s) know what they are responsible for
    • There is no confusion about the rent payment schedule

    Some outcomes from not having this document in place include unplanned move-out dates, unpaid rent, property damage, and unauthorized or illegal usage.

  • How is a Retail Space Lease template commonly structured?

    Specific details that you might want to include are:

    • The location and description of the property
    • Your tenant's contact information
    • How long the tenancy will last
    • What kind of amenities and/or utilities will be included
    • What rent and other fees will be charged and when they are due

    As you might expect from a document like this one, your Retail Space Lease will also contain language around property damage and late rent. During the process of building your document, you also will have the ability to add more specifics about maintenance procedures, insurance requirements, and furnishings. Further adjustments and edits are permitted, as needed.

  • On average, what would I traditionally need to pay for a Retail Space Lease?

    Fortunately, you don't need to pay an expensive attorney to get your contract in writing. When using the document tools on Rocket Lawyer, anyone should feel empowered to draft a free Retail Space Lease today. Your contract is built piece by piece as you enter more details along the way. Simply tap or click the button that says "Make document" to begin.

  • What happens after creating my Retail Space Lease?

    In order to make your drafted document into a true legal contract, you and your tenant will need to sign it, electronically via RocketSign®, or otherwise. The tenant should always receive a copy of your fully executed contract. With a membership, you also may make a copy of it, download it, or print it when needed. Also, feel free to take a look at our collection of landlord-tenant documents.

  • How will local rental laws affect my Retail Space Lease?

    Laws can change over time. If you have any particular questions or concerns related to local property rental laws, you can ask an attorney today. Locating a legal professional to review your document can be fairly time-consuming. Sometimes an attorney may not even agree to review a rental contract if they didn't work on it. In the event that a lawyer does decide to offer assistance, they most likely would still demand their standard rate for doing so. An easier and more cost-effective option would be to request help from the On Call network of attorneys. When you sign up for a Premium membership, you can get your documents examined by an experienced landlord-tenant attorney. Whether you make multiple Retail Space Leases or other documents from our library, we are here for you.

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