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As a landlord or property manager in the state of Kentucky, you can use a Kentucky Eviction Notice to communicate to renters about future legal action if they are not willing to pay their past-due... Read more

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Making a Kentucky Eviction Notice

  • What is a Kentucky Eviction Notice or Notice to Quit?

    As a landlord or property manager in the state of Kentucky, you can use a Kentucky Eviction Notice to communicate to renters about future legal action if they are not willing to pay their past-due rent, comply with the terms and conditions of the lease agreement that they signed, or move out as requested. As a result of this notice, you will be able to enforce your terms, while giving your tenant a chance to address the matter before a specified deadline. With that in mind, in some situations, there is no resolution, and filing with the court is unavoidable. Suitable for all kinds of residential property, this Eviction Notice for Kentucky can be used by landlords with tenants in Bowling Green, Lexington, Louisville, and in all other cities within the Bluegrass State.

  • Can I evict my tenant(s) for overdue rent in Kentucky?

    Under normal circumstances, yes, and you can draft a Kentucky Eviction Notice (more specifically called a 7-Day Notice to Pay Rent) to begin the process. However, as a result of COVID-19, several limitations and protections have been put in place for tenants who have been unable to pay rent. Although the recently extended eviction moratorium has been blocked federally, the state of Kentucky is able to create and enforce its own restrictions for evictions. Keep up with the talk to a local lawyer for further input.

  • Should I make an Eviction Notice in Kentucky?

    In order to file an eviction lawsuit against a tenant in Kentucky, you should always deliver a Notice of Eviction first. Here are some common circumstances in which you might need to use one:

    • The tenant is habitually late to pay rent or they are behind on payments
    • The tenant has caused unreasonable damage to the unit
    • The tenant harasses or disturbs the quiet enjoyment of their neighbors
    • The tenant is using the property for an illegally zoned business
    • The tenant adopts a dog or cat and the rental contract contains a no-animals clause
    • The tenant sublets the property against the rental terms

    In addition to these examples, tenants typically can be evicted by a landlord due to reasons that are not connected to a fault of their own, such as when the owner needs to move back in. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that the legally acceptable reasons for evicting a tenant can change based on your specific city or municipality, among other determining factors. If you have any doubts or concerns with regard to Kentucky eviction laws, ask a lawyer.

  • How should the contents of a Kentucky Notice to Vacate be organized?

    When ready, you can click the button labeled "Make document" to take a closer look at our Kentucky Eviction Notice sample and preview the questions that you will need to answer to generate your eviction letter. In general, the key details that you may be prompted to cover in a Notice to Vacate for Kentucky are:

    • The address and description of the property
    • The legal name of each lessee
    • How many past due rent payments should be made (when relevant)
    • What the duration of the notice period is
    • Which policies in the lease have not been met

    If your tenants aren't at fault for the eviction, you may wish to add more details since the decision could be unexpected. Additional custom editing is permitted, if needed. You will need to make sure that any policies and terms that you reference in the Eviction Notice are spelled out in your lease.

  • How do Kentucky eviction laws affect me as a rental property owner?

    The law can change over time and the eviction process and restrictions can be rather nuanced, especially for a first-timer. In some cases, there can be different notice periods and other requirements depending on why the tenant is being evicted and how long they have lived in the unit. Consequently, it is recommended that every landlord reach out to a local eviction attorney when writing a Notice of Eviction to any tenant in Kentucky.

    Kentucky Eviction Notice Laws: Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 383.660(2)

  • How do I create a Kentucky Eviction Notice template online for free?

    Rocket Lawyer templates are reviewed by attorneys and legal staff, so regardless of your legal background, you can manage your legal matters with confidence. To begin, just tell us a bit more about the situation in a guided interview, and we'll generate your custom agreement in no time. This method is often going to be notably more affordable than hiring a traditional law firm.

  • What would it typically cost for me to evict a tenant in Kentucky?

    The fees associated with meeting and hiring an attorney to produce a Notice of Eviction could total anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands. Unlike many other sites that you may come across, Rocket Lawyer offers much more than an eviction form. If you proceed with a lawsuit, your Rocket Lawyer membership offers up to a 40% discount when you hire an attorney from our On Call network. If you wish to understand the full cost of eviction, you will need to consider the cost of filing court documents, attorney fees, the value of unrecovered payments, storage and cleaning fees, and ultimately, the money and time spent on looking for replacement tenants.

  • How much time does the Kentucky eviction process typically take?

    The length of the eviction process for Kentucky will usually depend on the amount of notice required, as well as the total volume of lawsuits that are happening at the same time. Below, you will find a general summary of Kentucky notice periods:

    • Overdue rent: 7-day notice
    • Violation of lease: 14-day notice
    • No cause: 30-day notice

    When your pre-defined notice period is over, an eviction may still take up to 6 weeks. Please note that with particular kinds of housing, for instance where rent payments are subsidized by the government, the mandatory notice period may be even longer.

  • Should I work with a lawyer when evicting someone in Kentucky?

    While you may opt to produce a Notice to Vacate by yourself, the majority of property owners who go to court have legal representation. The answer will depend on whom you reach out to, but sometimes a lawyer won't even agree to review documents that they did not work on. A more favorable approach might be via Rocket Lawyer attorney services. As a Premium member, you will be able to request advice from an experienced attorney or get answers to other questions related to your KY Eviction Notice. We are always available to help.

  • What are my next steps after I have created a Notice of Eviction/Notice to Quit in Kentucky?

    After creating a Kentucky Eviction Notice on Rocket Lawyer, you will have the ability to review it anytime and anywhere. Feel free to engage with your document by making edits and downloading it in PDF format or as a Word file. You must sign and date it before it is served on the tenant(s). There are several methods available for serving the notice:

    • Hire a professional process server
    • Deliver it in person
    • Send it through certified mail

    As a reminder, "do-it-yourself" evictions are not legal in Kentucky or any other state. You shouldn't turn off utilities and services, remove personal belongings, replace the locks or in any way harass your tenant in order to make them move. Taking the appropriate lawful actions before and throughout the eviction proceedings will put you in the best position to remove tenants successfully with a judgment from the court.

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