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Simple for anyone to prepare, an Alabama Eviction Notice allows property owners and managers to notify tenants of the legal action that will be taken if they continue to owe past-due rent, fail to... Read more

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Making an Alabama Eviction Notice

  • What is an Alabama Eviction Notice or Notice to Quit?

    Simple for anyone to prepare, an Alabama Eviction Notice allows property owners and managers to notify tenants of the legal action that will be taken if they continue to owe past-due rent, fail to comply with the terms of their lease agreement, or do not move out as demanded. By making this notice, you can enforce your terms, while still giving your tenant(s) time to address the issue before a certain deadline. With that in mind, in some situations, there won't be any resolution, and going to court is unavoidable. Suitable for every residential property type, this Eviction Notice for Alabama can be used by any property owner with tenants in Montgomery, Huntsville, Birmingham, and in all of the other cities throughout the Yellowhammer State.

  • Can I evict tenants for nonpayment of rent in Alabama?

    Under normal circumstances, the answer is yes. You can make an Alabama Eviction Notice (more specifically known as a 7-Day Notice to Pay or Quit) to initiate the process. That said, due to the pandemic, several limitations and protections have been put in place for tenants who can't pay rent. While the recently extended federal eviction moratorium has been blocked by the Supreme Court, the state and municipal governments in Alabama have the authority to create and enforce their own restrictions for evictions. Stay up to date with the talk to a local landlord-tenant lawyer, if you are uncertain.

  • Should a landlord make an Eviction Notice in Alabama?

    In order to evict a tenant legally, you are required to provide a Notice of Eviction as a first step. Some of the most common reasons behind why you may need one include:

    • The tenant is behind on rent or they are habitually late
    • The tenant has caused unreasonable damage to the property
    • The tenant creates a nuisance or disturbs other tenants
    • The tenant is using your property for an illegal business
    • The tenant brings in a dog or cat and your rental agreement contains a no-animals policy
    • The tenant sublets your property against the agreement

    Outside of lease violations, a renter generally may be evicted by a landlord for reasons that are not connected to their personal conduct. For example, if the landlord needs to move in. Please keep in mind the list presented above isn't absolutely exhaustive and that the lawfully permitted reasons for eviction can vary by city. If you have any questions about Alabama eviction laws, you can connect with an attorney.

  • How should an Alabama Notice to Vacate be organized?

    You can click on the button that says "Make document" to take a closer look at our Alabama Eviction Notice sample and see what information you'll need to personalize your eviction letter. The specific details to cover are:

    • The address and description of the property
    • Contact information for the lessee
    • What lease clauses have been violated
    • How much time the tenant has to fix the situation
    • How many rent payments are currently overdue (where appropriate)

    In the event that the tenant is not at fault, you may wish to add more context since your decision might come as a surprise. With the document tool, you are able to make more adjustments and edits, if needed. It is very important to confirm that any policies and terms that you refer to are actually spelled out in the fully executed lease contract.

  • How do Alabama eviction laws impact me as a landlord?

    The law can change over time and the actual eviction process and guidelines can be somewhat complex, especially for a first-timer. In some instances, there may be varying notice periods and other requirements depending on the reason for evicting the tenant and how long they have lived in the unit. As a result, it's highly recommended that all property owners reach out to an eviction lawyer before delivering a Notice of Eviction to any tenant.

    Alabama Eviction Notice Laws: Ala. Code § 35-9A-421, 35-9A-441, Alabama Code Title 35, Chapter 9A - Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

  • Can I prepare an Alabama Eviction Notice template online?

    With Rocket Lawyer, your Alabama Eviction Notice will be tailored to you and your specific needs. Simply tap or click the button that says "Make document" and respond to a series of standard questions. This method is, in most cases, notably less time-consuming than working with a conventional attorney.

  • What would I usually pay for an attorney to help me evict a tenant in Alabama?

    If you wish to know what the total cost of an eviction might be, you'll need to take into consideration the cost of filing court documents, lawyer fees, the value of unrecovered rent payments, storage and cleaning fees, and the time and money spent looking for a new tenant. The good news is that you don't need to pay hundreds of dollars in legal fees to get a Notice of Eviction drafted. Rocket Lawyer isn't a run-of-the-mill eviction template website. With us, any property owner under a Premium membership has access to up to 40% in savings when hiring an attorney from our On Call network.

  • How long does the Alabama eviction process normally take from beginning to end?

    The length of the eviction process for Alabama will usually depend on the notice requirements, in addition to the total volume of cases that are happening concurrently. Below, you'll find a summary of Alabama notice periods:

    • Rent-related: 7-day notice
    • Lease violations: 7-day notice
    • No fault of tenant: 30-day notice

    Following when the notice period is over, an eviction may take up to 45 days. It is important to note that in particular kinds of housing, for instance where the rent is subsidized, the mandated notice period is often longer.

  • Do I need a lawyer when evicting someone in Alabama?

    While you can create an Eviction Notice without assistance, the majority of property owners who take tenants to court are represented by an attorney. Seeking out a legal professional to proofread your Alabama Eviction Notice can be costly. An easier alternative is to request help from Rocket Lawyer attorney services. As a Premium member, you can get your document reviewed or send specific legal questions. Whether you make another AL Eviction Notice or other legal documents, Rocket Lawyer will be here to support you.

  • Would I have to do anything else after I write a Notice of Eviction/Notice to Quit in Alabama?

    Upon completing your Alabama Eviction Notice with the help of Rocket Lawyer, you will have the ability to access it in your account wherever and whenever you choose. With a membership, you can edit, copy, save it as a PDF document or Word file, and print it out as needed. You will need to sign and date the notice before serving it on the tenant(s). There are several different methods for serving the notice:

    • Send through certified mail
    • Deliver it in person
    • Hire a third-party process server

    Remember, "do-it-yourself" or "self-help" evictions are not legal in Alabama. Landlords must not remove personal belongings, turn off utilities, replace locks, or otherwise attempt to intimidate tenants in order to make them move. Acting lawfully before and throughout the eviction process will put you in the best position to remove tenants successfully under a court order.

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