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Sample Unbundled Legal Services Agreement Form Template
Unbundled Legal Services Agreement Basics

An Unbundled Legal Services Agreement is used when you are hiring an attorney in a specific and limited capacity. Typically, an attorney will handle the entirety of a client's case from start to finish; however, with this agreement you can specify which services the attorney will perform. Whether you're the attorney or client, an unbundled Legal Services Agreement can help you get exactly what you need.

Use the Unbundled Legal Services Agreement document if:

  • You're an attorney and are only providing limited services for your client
  • You're a potential client, and only want specific services from an attorney.
  • You manage a legal firm or office.

Sample Unbundled Legal Services Agreement

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create an Unbundled Legal Services Agreement.

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Just like many other fields, legal services are usually bundled - but you can pick an attorney's services with an Unbundled Legal Services Agreement. Maybe you don't need an entire of a case handled, maybe you're an attorney who understands some cases shouldn't be bundled, or perhaps your client simply doesn't need certain services. An attorney's job is to protect their clients, and that includes their pocketbook. If you're up for only providing certain services, it could be mutually beneficial, but be sure to have all the details in writing in writing. An Unbundled Legal Services Agreement helps both clients and attorneys map out a plan.

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