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Sample Two Weeks Notice Letter Form Template
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Two Weeks Notice Letter basics

A Two Weeks Notice Letter starts the formal process of leaving the employment of a company. This letter will give an employer 2 weeks notice that an employee is planning to leave their current employment.

Giving an employer two weeks notice is standard practice. Typically, this will provide an employer enough time to find a suitable replacement while ensuring that an employee's position remains filled during the hiring process.

If you have questions about employer/employee relations during the COVID-19 pandemic, ask a lawyer or find more resources in our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Legal Center.

Use the Two Weeks Notice Letter document if:

  • You want to let your employer know that you are leaving their employment in 2 weeks
  • Your employer asks for a written notice of your voluntary resignation
  • You want a written record that you notified your employer that you are leaving your job
  • Making this document can be a way to communicate your departure in a positive manner and to relate when you expect to leave your position. It is simply a formality and a way for you and the company to document your voluntary departure.

    You can submit a printed copy, submit by email, or both. Either way, keep a copy for your own records. If your end date changes, make sure to alter the letter and resubmit it. You only need to submit the letter to your manager or the appropriate HR person. You typically should not CC it to coworkers or other company leadership.

    Other names for this document: Two Weeks Resignation Letter, Employment Resignation Letter, Letter to Quit, Official Resignation

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    Sample Two Weeks Notice Letter

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