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Quit Claim Deed Basics

When life changes, often your ownership in a property will change with it. You can use a Quit Claim Deed to transfer real property to a family member, former spouse or when you need to place property in a trust. With a Quit Claim Deed, you can make the change official. Once everything's settled, you can move in or move on for a new beginning.

Use the Quit Claim Deed document if:

  • You are passing your rights in a piece of property to a spouse or ex-spouse
  • You are gifting your property to another person or family member
  • You are transferring ownership in a property to a trust
  • You are correcting the spelling of a name in a previous deed
  • You are changing tenancy (how the property is owned) between owners
  • You are clarifying if the property is community or separate property after marriage
  • You own a business and you want to buy or sell real property.

Quit Claim Deeds are typically used to transfer real property among family members. They're often used to change the name of the listed owner on the title to the property; for example, when property is transferred into a trust. Other times, a Quit Claim Deed is used to give up interest in co-owned property, such as in the case of divorce. It's important to understand that a Quit Claim Deed does not guarantee anything about the state of the property being transferred, which is why it's often used among family members. Unlike a Warranty Deed or Grant Deed, it does not promise the property is free of debt, or that no one else owns or claims to own the property.

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