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Sample Pet Foster Care Agreement Form Template
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Pet Foster Care Agreement basics

Many pet owners can't imagine being away from their four-legged family members for extended periods of time. However, in the COVID-19 era, hospitalization from coronavirus or prolonged work hours as an emergency responder can limit a pet owner's ability to provide care for their furry friends. If you find yourself unable to care for a pet, or if you are a foster care organization, a Pet Foster Care Agreement can help you arrange temporary care during an emergency.

If you have legal questions about fostering a pet or making other arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic, ask a lawyer or find more resources in our Coronavirus Legal Center.

Use the Pet Foster Care Agreement document if:

  • You are a pet owner who needs to arrange temporary care
  • You are a foster organization who wants to connect pet owners and local foster families
  • A Pet Foster Care Agreement helps pet owners and foster care organizations arrange temporary pet care during times of crisis. In the event that a pet owner becomes unable to provide care and shelter for their pet, this contract allows them to set up care plans with a local foster family who can help. This agreement will list the intended foster caregiver, details on the pet(s), and any specific medications and dietary restrictions that are needed to provide the best care possible.

    Other names for this document: Pet Fostering Contract, Temporary Pet Care Agreement, Foster Pet Contract

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    Sample Pet Foster Care Agreement

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    Coronavirus Legal Answers

    In this challenging and uncertain time, Rocket Lawyer and our attorneys nationwide, are here to help.

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