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Sample Personal Property Lease Form Template
Personal Property Lease Basics

If you're leasing or borrowing personal property that isn't a home or car, a Personal Property Lease can help you document and formalize the exchange. A Personal Property Lease can help protect all parties involved, no matter if you're renting your neighbor your ride-along lawnmower or lending a museum part of your private collection.

Use the Personal Property Lease document if:

  • You're thinking of lending personal property.
  • You want to borrow someone's personal property.
  • You own or manage a business that provides leases other than for houses or vehicles.

Most people only consider leasing when it comes to a home or car, however, a Personal Property Lease can be important whenever you're lending or borrowing something. Regardless of if you're lending furniture or a prized piece of fine jewelry for a wedding you should be sure about what happens if it's stolen, broken, or lost. Working out all the issues before they become problems can save you a lot of time and frustration later. Penning an agreement is quick, easy, and protects everyone involved. A Personal Property Lease documents the terms of the agreement.

Other names for this document: Personal Property Rental Agreement

Sample Personal Property Lease

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