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Sample Limited Scope Representation Agreement Form Template
Limited Scope Representation Agreement Basics

A Limited Scope Representation Agreement is an efficient way to reduce your legal costs while still benefiting from the expertise of an attorney. This document is a contract between an attorney and a client which specifies the limited type of work your attorney will undertake. These limited services are often referred to as "unbundled" legal services. By specifying the services to be provided by the attorney, as well as specifying what won't be provided, both parties have a clear understanding of the limited scope of the arrangement.

Use the Limited Scope Representation Agreement document if:

  • You're an attorney and want to draft an agreement between yourself and a client, limiting the scope of your representation
  • You're requesting the services of an attorney to represent you in some areas of a legal matter but want to clarify exactly what those services are in a written agreement

With our Limited Scope Representation Agreement you can specify which services that your attorney has agreed to provide, which may include: legal advice, with no representation; review of documents prepared by the client; review of documents prepared by the opposing party and/or counsel; document drafting; negotiation; factual investigation; legal research and analysis; one-time appearance; ongoing appearance; preparing depositions; planning for negotiations; and planning for court appearances.

Other names for this document: Limited Representation Agreement, Limited Legal Services Agreement

Sample Limited Scope Representation Agreement

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