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Sample Indemnity Agreement Form Template
Indemnity Agreement Basics

An Indemnity Agreement can help protect you or your business from lawsuits stemming from someone else's negligence. If you're working with another business or a separate third party what happens if someone gets hurt? You can avoid liability issues before they happen with an Indemnity Agreement.

Use the Indemnity Agreement document if:

  • You're allowing someone to use your property and you want to be protected against damages caused by the other party.
  • You're hiring someone to provide services for yourself or your business.
  • You want to protect someone from being sued by others because of your activities.

Sample Indemnity Agreement

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create an Indemnity Agreement.

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It's hard to be too safe when liability is concerned; getting an Indemnity Agreement in place can ensure that you're protected. Maybe you're the one using someone else's property. Opting to sign this document means they're not liable for incidents that aren't their fault. Signing an agreement can give the property owner more incentive to allow you to do what you need to. Or maybe you're letting someone use your property, what if there are damages or an accident? You or your business shouldn't be held responsible for incidents that aren't your fault. If you're hiring an outside IT tech, plumber, or other service professional, make sure you're not responsible if something happens because of them. An Indemnity Agreement is your safety net.

Other names for this document: No Fault Agreement, Reparation Agreement, Hold Harmless Agreement

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