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Horse Lease basics

Whether you're the owner of a horse, or you're looking to lease one, you'll want to use a Horse Lease designed especially for your situation. Having an agreement in writing not only helps cover you from the legal side of things, it also helps ensure that the animal is well-cared for. And if any questions crop up about the arrangement, you'll be able to refer to your written agreement.

What does it mean to lease a horse?

A Horse Lease is an agreement where a horse owner allows another person (the lessee) access to a horse in exchange for an agreed-upon payment that partially covers things such as boarding, feed, and veterinary bills.

A Horse Lease typically includes information such as:

  • the names of the owner and of the lessee
  • the lease's start and end dates
  • a description of the horse, including its estimated value
  • the amount of the payment(s)
  • how and when lease payments will be made
  • who will be financially responsible for veterinary care
  • and any restrictions on using the horse for shows or other special events

Is leasing a horse a good idea?

Horse Leases are a common solution for families wishing to find a horse appropriate to the size of the rider, or for young adults who are soon headed to college, and whose families do not wish to own a horse that they may need to sell in a short period of time. In addition to having potentially lower transaction costs, the cost of the lease is obviously lower than the cost of purchasing a horse outright.

When can I use a Horse Lease document?

You may use a Horse Lease document if:

  • You own a horse and are leasing the horse to another individual.
  • You will be leasing a horse and want to set terms for your agreements.
  • You are currently leasing a horse but have no written agreement and you want to clarify the agreement by putting it in writing.

How much money does it cost to lease a horse?

The cost of a Horse Lease is usually determined by the amount of the horse's value. For example, a full one year lease typically runs in the range of 25-30% of the horse's value. A horse worth $5,000 will cost $1,250-$1,500 to lease for a year.

What does it mean to half lease a horse?

Leasing "half of a horse," means that two separate individuals are splitting the horse's care expenses and riding time. Costs that will be shared can include: board, feed, veterinary bills, etc. Both parties to the agreement will determine a schedule for access to the horse. The agreement can be beneficial for the horse if you are unable to ride it extensively. This agreement is also sometimes referred to as "shared-boarding."

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Sample Horse Lease

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