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Sample Farm Lease Form Template
Farm Lease Basics

When you've found a tenant for your farmland, you need a little more than a handshake to make sure your farm stays productive for years to come. With a Farm Lease, you can set down the expectations and obligations of both the landlord and tenant for the lease of the farm. Get started with our easy-to-use Farm Lease Agreement, and we'll help make sure you're on solid legal ground.

Use the Farm Lease document if:

  • You own farm land that will be leased to a tenant.
  • You would like to rent farm land from a farmer or individual who does not have a lease form.

Leasing out your farm doesn't have to be complicated, but it's important to get the terms in writing. If you're the owner of farmland and a tenant farmer wants to lease farmland to grow crops or raise livestock, you'll want to create a lease agreement. By using this Farm Lease Agreement, you can define standard obligations of the landlord-tenant relationship, and go further by covering concerns unique to a farm rental. Farm-specific terms include proper maintenance and upkeep of the farmland and soil, and if you choose, special provisions to cover existing crops and liability in the case of disease or blight. You may also choose to include language favorable to the landlord, such as a "No Partnership" clause that protects a landlord from legal liability for a tenant's financial obligations.

Other names for this document: Farm Lease Agreement, Farm Land Lease Agreement, Farm Lease Form

Sample Farm Lease

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