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Sample Employee Evaluation Form Form Template

Employee Evaluation Form Basics

As an employer or supervisor, you'll need a form to evaluate your employees. Use this Employee Evaluation Form to help your employees develop and create a record of his or her employee performance.

Use the Employee Evaluation Form document if:

  • You are the employer or supervisor responsible for employee evaluations and would like to an evaluation form to follow and provide documentation of employee's job performance.

Other names for an Employee Evaluation:

Employee Evaluation Form, Employee Performance Evaluation, Employee Appraisal Form, Employee Review Form

How to run an Employee Evaluation:

If you're looking for a performance review template, there are several different ways you can use our Employee Evaluation Form. You can fill one out online with our step-by-step process and simply provide that feedback to the employee in question. You can complete employee evaluation with the employee and talk through the process, letting them know why you're giving them certain ratings and allowing them to make a case for better marks. Or, as is quite common you can tackle the evaluation form on your own with separate evaluations and then compare the responses. Often times, you'll find that people who work for have a keen understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. You may also learn about priorities or achievements the employee is proud of that you didn't consider.

Key sections of an Employee Evaluation:

Here are some of the key sections to focus on, both when creating an Employee Evaluation, as well as when discussing your employee's work performance. Each of the following sections has a ranking scale (from unacceptable to excellent), as well as a field for you to make specific comments.

  • Attitude: Nobody wants to work with a grumpy, abrasive co-worker. Equally, it's important to let a positive, gregarious employee know that their attitude is appreciated.
  • Ability to meet objectives and plan their work: Having the right priorities is important, but meeting those objectives and figuring out how to balance time is a key skill of successful employees. Let your worker know how you feel about their ability to meet objectives and plan their work.
  • Overall productivity: Your business won't succeed without productive people at every level. And while there's always more that could be done (or less,for that matter), let your employee know how productive you feel they're being. This can be very important if the employee in question is on thin ice and can help motivate them to do better.
  • Overall quality: Getting things done is one thing. Getting them done well is a much more important thing. Most business owners want workers who do less tasks but do them well, so highlight the quality of your employees work and what you feel like they could do better.
  • Judgment: Whether it's holding their tongue while dealing with a problem customer or choosing the right projects to prioritize, good judgement separates great employees from good ones. Let the best of the best in your company know you notice they have the right instincts.

Of course, you'll be able to fill out sections on the employee's strengths and weaknesses, their major accomplishments, major areas to improve upon, and many more. You can also choose to disinclude any of these evaluation sections if they're not applicable to the job or the employee in question.

Interested in learning more about essential employment forms? Check out our HR Guide for additional information.

Sample Employee Evaluation Form

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