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What is an Employment Verification Letter?

An Employment Verification Letter certifies that an employee works for your company, verifies the date their employment started, may include their position within the company and provides information on the employee's salary. These letters also verify whether an employee is a permanent or temporary employee, and whether they are considered a full- or part-time employee. You may also be asked to provide this information for a former employee, especially if they have applied for a mortgage. 
Employment Verification Letters are utilized by mortgage companies and banks when considering a mortgage or loan application, a loan modification, or when reviewing a student loan application. Landlords often request these letters to ensure a potential tenant has the financial means to pay security deposits and ongoing rent payments. When an employee is seeking new opportunities, a potential employer may also request an employment verification as part of their background check.

When to use an Employment Verification Letter:

  • You need to respond to a written or verbal request from a bank or other organization for employment verification of one of your current or former employees.

Sample Employment Verification Letter

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Dear Sir or Madam:Dear :


On , you requested employment verification information regarding and provided me with a signed authorization to release such information. As you have requested, we are providing the following employment information:


Start Date:  


Dates Position Held:


Salary/Wage Information:



Dates at this rate:


Likelihood of Continued Employment:


Undetermined. No current obstacles to continued employment.  







Final Checklist for Employment Verification Letter


Party Requesting Information:



Make It Legal


_____ Sign the letter.




* Keep a copy of the letter for your own records.


When to Consult a Lawyer


* A lawyer should be consulted regarding any unique issues not addressed by this program.


* It is important that any information regarding 's likelihood of continued employment state only facts which can be substantiated and not opinions. Statements regarding the employee's quality of work should generally not be given. If you are in doubt, consult with an employment attorney regarding whether information about the quality of work or the likelihood of continued employment should be provided.

Other Information


* Maintain a written summary of all telephone communications relating to this Employment Verification Letter.


Reasons to Update


* To respond to another request for employment verification.


* To provide additional information or clarify information previously provided.

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Employment Verification Letter FAQs

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  • How do I write an Employment Verification Letter?

    The type of Employment Verification Letter you write will depend on the needs of the party requesting the verification. Typically, someone responsible for handling human resources issues should handle these matters because the requesting party will generally ask for information which will be found in an employee's HR file. The letter should be signed by an authorized representative of the company.

    With Rocket Lawyer, you can make an Employment Verification Letter for free in just a few minutes. Simply answer the questions to build your document and easily sign online, download, or print your Employment Verification Letter for submission.

  • What should an employment verification letter contain?

    An employment verification letter contains information which your organization has previously agreed to release when requested. However, most employment verification requests will explain to you exactly what information they require.

    A basic Employment Verification Letter might include the name of the company requesting the verification as well as their address, contact person's name, and phone number if available. A response to the request should include your company name, address, and telephone number as well as a person to contact in the event that additional information is necessary. There may be additional information your company is willing to share depending on the purpose of the verification.

  • How do I get verification of employment?

    Should you require a verification of employment, you should typically contact a human resources representative at your company. It is important to keep in mind that some companies may limit the amount of information they will share on an Employment Verification Letter, so in general, you should make sure the request contains information you specifically need to have.

    When making a request to your employer, you should include what information you need, who has asked you to obtain the information, the contact information for the person who needs the verification including their address and how they wish to take receipt of the information. In the case of a bank or other financial institution, they may require the document to be sent via U.S. mail versus being able to accept it by email. Landlords who merely need to verify that you work where you claim to work may be willing to accept the verification by email.

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