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Need a tutoring contract?

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1. Tutoring provides one-on-one attention

One of the reasons kids are falling behind after virtual learning is the learning environment makes it more difficult for teachers to interact individually with their students. Even where students have returned to the classroom, restrictions may still impact learning. Students cannot get a quick answer to their question or have a teacher come to their desk to show them how to do something. Tutoring can give students more one-on-one attention to help students excel or catch up.

2. Tutors find the areas where students struggle

Tutors have the unique ability to help students in the areas where they specifically struggle. Many tutors start with testing to see what areas students need the most help in, then tailor their tutoring to those areas. If a student is strong in reading but weak in math, the tutor will focus more effort on math to bring them up to pace. Tutors can also look at report cards and prior tests to evaluate the areas of need, then design a plan to improve on those areas. Tutors that specialize in one area may be able to recommend another tutor for help with other subjects. 

3. Tutoring teaches needed study skills

Students are losing some of their study skills after the unexpected shift to virtual learning and necessary changes to in-person education resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. With tutoring, those study skills can be learned again. Tutors not only help students with academics, but also with time management skills, learning plans, and test preparation. Since virtual learning and changes to classrooms may require more self-direction than students are used to, tutoring can be a useful tool to prevent learning loss and help students improve.

4. Tutoring boosts confidence

The world for students, and everybody, has been turned upside down. School as they knew it is forever changed. This new reality has hurt the self-esteem and confidence of even the brightest students. Working directly with a tutor has been shown to improve self-esteem and confidence. By building up students with tutoring, families can help boost self-confidence and reduce the ill effects of virtual learning and classroom changes.

5. Tutors can challenge students 

Sometimes, learning loss is less about falling behind and more about not reaching full potential. Challenging bright learners is difficult in a remote environment, and many may be trying to get ahead again. A tutor can help provide a challenge to students who are bored or not achieving because of the lack of advanced instruction in their learning environment.

How do I get started with a tutor for my child?

If you fear that COVID learning loss impacted your child, tutoring may be the answer. Find a tutor in your area, and write up a tutoring contract to get started. A contract will protect both you and your tutor while making sure that all expectations are clearly defined.

To find a tutor, you may want to ask other parents, your school, or search local classifieds. Be sure to interview prospective tutors. If hiring an independent tutor, you may want to ask for Consent to Background and Reference Check.

In addition to learning loss, COVID created unique legal concerns for individuals and families across the country. Visit the Rocket Lawyer COVID Legal Center to learn more about what you can do to protect yourself. If you have a legal question, reach out to a Rocket Lawyer network attorney for fast and affordable answers.

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