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Landlord Problems? You’re Not Alone: Infographic

If you’ve ever rented an apartment, you know what a nuisance it can be when you have a leaky kitchen faucet or when a mouse family decides to set up camp in your living room. You know what it is like to want to get out of your lease early because your girlfriend, turned roommate, turned ex-girlfriend starts to bring a new guy over.

House repairs, pest control and lease agreements are just some of the most common disputes between tenants and their landlords. The infographic below is a tell-all account from a survey of renters just like you, conducted by Rocket Lawyer.

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Luckily, a leaky faucet and unwanted rodent roommates are often easily remedied by having a lease in writing, and sending a complaint to your landlord. If you are renting an apartment stop by our tenant center to get everything you need to protect your rights as a tenant, including instructions on how to fight an eviction notice.

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