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Start Your Tenant's Notice to Terminate Tenancy

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What is a month-to-month agreement?

A month-to-month Lease Agreement is what it sounds like, a Lease Agreement that goes from one month to the next. Often, a Lease Agreement will be for a year or longer, and after that time ends, the lease automatically turns into a month-to-month lease. All the same lease terms apply, like the rent and amenities offered. 

However, many rentals are offered on a month-to-month basis from the very beginning. This is often the case when one tenant subleases to another, or a tenant does not want to be locked into a year-long lease. 

How can I end a month-to-month agreement?

To end a month-to-month agreement, generally, a landlord or tenant must provide a notice explaining that they want to end the agreement. Sometimes, a Lease Agreement will provide details on how this notice needs to be provided. If a tenant refuses to leave after notice is given, a landlord may need to evict the tenant.

Tenants may want to provide a written notice in order to make sure their landlord is prepared to return their security deposit. Landlords may want to end a tenancy for various reasons, including raising the rent for the next tenant, renovating, or even moving into the space themselves.

How much notice must be provided to end a month-to-month agreement?

Typically, for a month-to-month lease, only one month's notice is required to end it. However, there may be additional state or local laws requiring more time to be provided, especially when the tenant has been living there for more than a year. In areas with strong renters protections, you may not be able to end the month-to-month lease without having a reason, such as the tenant violating the lease, selling the property, or wanting to move yourself or a family member into the property.

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