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Avoid Lawsuits with Release of Liability Legal Documents - ThinkstockPhotos-488989218-d-c.jpg

Avoid lawsuits with Release of Liability legal documents

No one likes being sued. Did you know that you can protect yourself in certain circumstances with a few simple legal documents? Now on you can create a General Liability Release of Claims and an Activity Release of Liability. Both documents can be essential for avoiding a potentially expensive lawsuit.

The Activity Release of Liability is often used by an operator or owner of a business. The operator asks the participant to sign the document before the participant is allowed to join the activity. Then, if the participant accidentally injures herself or himself, the operator isn’t liable.

The General Liability Release of Claims can be used by two parties to settle a claim and agree that no further claims can be made. The document could be used after a fender bender, for example. If both parties agree that they will pay for their own repairs and not hold the other party liable, completing the General Liability Release of Claims prevents either one of the parties from seeking damages at a later date for the same incident.

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