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Outgoing Adoption

Outgoing adoptions of U.S. orphans occurs less frequently than incoming adoptions of international orphans, but a Hague Convention adoption process still applies. We can help answer your questions about outgoing adoptions so that you can move forward with a better understanding of how the system works.

Outgoing adoption laws vary depending on the residence of the parents wishing to adopt the U.S. child, but typically a search will begin with finding an international adoption agency to connect the U.S. orphan with an international family. The government leans toward trying to find a suitable home in the U.S. for its orphans, but this requirement could be waived if international parents are found without the help of an adoption agency. However, this is one of those cases where you might consider speaking with an attorney that specializes in international adoption just to make sure you’re on solid legal ground.

Below you’ll find a few articles that go into the subject of outgoing adoption in a little more detail, covering Hague rules and federal government reporting laws for adoption. And if you feel like you need to find a lawyer to answer more specific questions, we're here to help.