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Incoming Adoption

Adopting a child is a selfless act that also brings great joy to your life. It can be an intricate process, however, that involves patience and a little homework. We're here to help you brush up on the legal requirements of intercountry adoption so that you can move through the process with a little clarity.

Your international adoption journey will start with finding an accredited adoption agency. These groups can help connect you with an orphaned child overseas in one of the approximately 75 countries that participate in the Hague Adoption Process. Next you'll need to fill out the federal government's application for adoption that determines if you're eligible. Once you've been referred for a child, the standard immigration process begins. Keep in mind that international adoption takes time, paperwork and some waiting. Speaking with an immigration attorney early in the process can often help streamline the process.

Below you'll find some articles that delve a little more deeply into the subject of intercountry adoption. And if you reach the point where some professional advice might be in order, just let us know and we'll find a lawyer for you who specializes in international adoption.