The State of Alaska recognizes no-fault divorces where one party alleges that "incompatibility of temperament has caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage". This is commonly referred to as "irreconcilable differences", meaning the two parties no longer get along.

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Residency Requirements

To file for divorce in Alaska one or both spouses must currently reside in Alaska, claim Alaska residency and intend to continue to reside in Alaska indefinitely. If either spouse is a member of the military stationed in Alaska, he or she must have been stationed in and have resided in Alaska for a minimum of 30 days. If children are involved in the divorce the court must have jurisdiction over matters concerning the children by either:
  • the children residing in Alaska for at least 6 consecutive months; or 
  • the children currently live in Alaska or have lived in Alaska within six (6) months of the divorce being filed

For residents of Anchorage and Fairbanks there are slightly different instructions and requirements for filing for divorce. The information below should still provide you with a general guideline for forms needed but your jurisdiction may not require all forms or may have additional forms.

Fill Out your Forms

When getting a divorce you must file certain documents as required by the Court. Most of the following forms are available through the Alaska State Court website.

The following forms are to be completed and filed by all people filing for no-fault divorce in Alaska:

Couples with children should additionally complete the following forms:

If both parties agree about the terms of their divorce they should complete a Divorce Settlement Agreement. You can use Rocket Lawyer's easy interview process to complete this agreement, which outlines the terms of the division of property, assets and debts in your divorce. Completing this document will help you avoid the cost and time involved in going to trial but is contingent on the parties being in agreement.

Make Copies of your Forms

Once you have filled out the appropriate forms, make at least two copies of each. One set will be filed with your Court Clerk's Office, and one should be kept for your records.
Bring your Completed Forms to your Court Clerk's Office and Pay the Fee

Proceed to your Court Clerk's Office with the originals and copies of your forms. If everything is in order, the clerk will use the original forms and ask you to pay a fee to file. Additional forms will be required as the divorce proceeding works its way through the system. You will need to stay in touch with the County Clerk to ensure no deadlines are missed.
Additional Assistance

You can use Rocket Lawyer to Find a Lawyer near you who can provide you with further assistance in completing your divorce.

Get started Visit our Divorce Center Get divorce documents and ask a lawyer your questions.

Get started Visit our Divorce Center Get divorce documents and ask a lawyer your questions.