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Evictions are not pleasant for anyone – landlord or tenant – but in some cases they are the only and last resort. But you'll want to remember that there's a legal eviction process in place to protect both property owners and tenants. We can walk you through the basic steps of how to avoid evictions or conduct them legally so that you can get the situation resolved.

The eviction process can be a lengthy one involving quite a few documents and forms, so it's wise to avoid it when you can. If you have a good tenant in place for a few years who suddenly misses a rent payment or two, usually a phone call and a little negotiation will do the trick. Another way of avoiding eviction is by hiring a mediator.

When all else fails, you'll still need to do a little homework to determine if you're legally within your rights to start the eviction process. For example, if you don't get along with your tenant, this wouldn't be grounds for eviction. You may have grounds for eviction, however, when a tenant violates the lease agreement, fails to pay rent, damages the property or uses it for illegal purposes. If you're facing a sticky situation and need to start the eviction process, you can get a free eviction notice here.

Below you'll find some articles that go into a little more detail on the eviction process. And if you feel the need for some professional advice, we can find a lawyer to answer your questions.