Living Will forms are relatively easy to complete. The forms vary from state to state, but the basic information required is the same regardless of your geographic location. Prior to creating your Living Will, you will need to make decisions about whether or not you want life sustaining treatments, such as feeding tubes and life support equipment, to be administered or withheld in the even that you are faced with a situation from which you will not be able to recover. Your Living Will may also state your wishes regarding organ donation.

Everyone should have a Living Will declaration. Living Will documents provide instructions regarding your wishes related to the administration of life-sustaining medical treatments in the event that you become permanently unconscious or are terminally ill. Having a Living Will helps you make sure that your wishes regarding your own medical treatment are carried out when you are no longer able to speak for yourself. It also relieves your loved ones of the burden of having to make decisions for you regarding matters of life or death. makes it easy for anyone to create a Living Will using their easy online interview process.

Get started Start Your Living Will Answer some questions. We’ll take care of the rest.

Get started Start Your Living Will Answer some questions. We’ll take care of the rest.