Release forms are the simple way to protect your business by getting an agreement or someone’s consent in writing. They can release you from liability when a person participates in an activity that you own or operate, travels to a location with you for an activity, wins a contest or sweepstakes you’ve sponsored, or if your business performs services at locations you don’t own or operate. They can also document a person’s consent to use their image or likeness on your website or in marketing materials. And if you decide to terminate an existing contract, you can have both parties sign a release to show that it’s no longer a valid contract.

Learn the 5 release forms your business needs signed.

Release Form for Activities

Every activity carries some risk. If your business plans to host or sponsor any type of activity, you should get every participant to sign an Activity Release of Liability.

This document will limit liability in the event that activity participants sustain injuries or damages. Your Activity Release of Liability should include details such as: what activity is the subject of the release; who will be released from liability; who will be participating in the activity; the emergency contact person and their relationship to the signee; and the date the release will be signed. It's also a good idea to have liability insurance.

Start an Activity Release of Liability

Release Form for Working on Someone Else’s Property

If you're performing services or holding an event at another person’s property you should ask them to sign a General Liability Release of Claims to protect yourself from legal liability. This document can also be used any time you’re performing a service that places you at risk for potential legal claims.

Start a General Liability Release of Claims

Release Form for Creating Marketing Materials

You show your customers exactly what you can offer them when you use real customer stories and photos on your website and other marketing channels. But before you publish customer photos or tell their story, you’ll need to make sure they sign a Photo Release.

Start a Photo Release

Release Forms for Contest Winners

if you decide to hold a contest or sweepstakes, you’ll also need your winner(s) to sign a document so you can use their name and image for promotional purposes. As the contest or sweepstakes sponsor you should get a form signed so you’re released from liability and the winners use (or misuse) of the prize.

Start a Declaration of Compliance for Release for Contest Rules
Start a Declaration of Compliance for Release for Sweepstakes Rules

Release Form for Terminating a Contract

Sometimes a contract isn’t working for either party. If you and another person agree to terminate a current contract you’ll need to document it with a Mutual Rescission and Release Agreement. This agreement is between you and another person and states you both wish to terminate your respective duties and obligation under a current contract. Under this agreement, all the parties are agreeing to cancel the original contract.

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