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Real estate

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Real estate FAQs

  • Can I sell my home without a real estate agent?

    You can, but should you? If you want to sell your home as "For Sale By Owner", you need to be prepared to spend time and energy on selling your home and you must be able to think about the value of your home objectively. Since buying or selling property is an important legal transaction, it is always a good idea to also work with a lawyer.

    To sell your home, you'll need to:

    • Research the market to discover its market value. You need to look at your home's market value, not your perceived value. Most owners try to sell their home for more than the market value and then end up having a difficult time obtaining full-price offers.
    • Learn about local real estate laws.You'll want to make sure you do not violate any local housing and real estate laws in the process of selling your home.
    • Market and advertise. You'll need to obtain good images of your home and learn which publications are the best to use to sell your home.
    • Pay for Multiple Listing Service (MLS). For a flat-fee you can often have your home listed in the real estate broker's database for properties to sell.
    • Screen buyers. It saves everyone time and energy if you can pre-screen buyers before the paperwork is started. You should ask them to show you a mortgage pre-approval letter.
  • What is "good" or "beneficial" debt?

    Often "good" or "beneficial" debt is debt that helps you build your credit or earn equity. This is why buying a home is often considered good debt, since, potentially, the home will gain equity and make money for you. Student loans and small business loans are also often considered good debt, as long as they are low-interest and you have the means to pay them off.

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