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Landlords and their tenants use Utah Lease Agreements as a means of defining their relationship with each other. Signing this essential document may reduce the risk of future conflicts down the road.... Read more

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Sample Utah Lease Agreement Template
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Making an Utah Lease Agreement

  • What is a Utah Lease Agreement?

    Landlords and their tenants use Utah Lease Agreements as a means of defining their relationship with each other. Signing this essential document may reduce the risk of future conflicts down the road. When ready, you can tap or click the button labeled "Make document" to take a closer look at our Utah Rental Contract sample. Suitable for all types of residential property, this rental agreement for Utah can be used by any property owner in Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo, or any additional city or municipality in the Beehive State.

  • Will my Utah Rental Agreement be legally binding under state law?

    As with any other legal contract, Utah Rental Agreements will not be legally binding until signed. When using Rocket Lawyer, you are not just filling out a Utah Lease Agreement template or fillable PDF; you are making an entirely customizable, digital document. If you ever require help from an attorney in the event of missed payments or another problem, your Rocket Lawyer membership offers optional access to Document Defense® for added protection on each contract.

  • Do I need to write a Utah Rental Contract each time that I rent out my property?

    Regardless of who your tenant is, your Utah Lease Agreement is a document that should never be forgotten. The following benefits may be helpful for you:

    • Neither party is surprised by how long the tenancy lasts
    • The landlord and tenant(s) understand the scope of their responsibilities
    • Rent-related information is well-defined

    Ultimately, if you and/or the renter decide against signing a Utah Residential Lease Agreement, you might not receive the benefits associated with having one in place.

  • How should the key information in a Lease Agreement template for Utah be organized?

    You should prepare the following details:

    • The location and description of your property
    • Contact information for the lessee(s)
    • What kind of utilities are included
    • How long the rental will last
    • How much you will charge

    As you probably expect from a contract like this, any Utah Lease Agreement that you build with Rocket Lawyer will also include policies about smoking, invited visitors, animals, late payments, and early termination. As you build your rental contract, you also will be able to add details about furnishings, maintenance procedures, and insurance requirements. Further custom edits are allowed, if needed.

  • Can I write a custom Utah Lease Contract for free?

    To make a Utah Lease Agreement for free with Rocket Lawyer, you can start by tapping or clicking on the "Make document" button. You will then be guided through a number of questions to help build your customized contract. Prior to signing your Utah Rental Agreement, you might also consider sending your drafted document for legal review by an On Call attorney. This method is, in most cases, much more affordable than hiring and working with a traditional law firm, where the price you pay could cost hundreds of dollars or thousands.

  • Are there any next steps that I should take after writing a Utah Residential Lease Agreement?

    In order to make this contract truly legal, you need to sign it. RocketSign® makes it easy to get all signatures online. Once the lease is signed, the tenant should always receive a copy. With a membership, you also can save it as a PDF document or Word file, print it, and copy it when needed. You should also feel free to take a look at the other landlord-tenant documents in our library.

  • How do Utah rental laws affect my lease?

    Rental laws often change over time. If you've got any hesitations in connection to Utah rental laws, you can always talk to an attorney. Depending on who is contacted, some lawyers will not even accept requests to review your document if they were not the one who drafted it. A more favorable approach might be through attorney services at Rocket Lawyer. When you become a Premium member, you will be able to request a contract review from an experienced lawyer or ask other legal questions related to your Utah Rental Contract. We are here for you.

    Utah Lease Agreement Laws: Utah Code Ann. §§ 57-17-1 to 57-17-5, 57-22-1 to 57-22-7

  • Is Utah a good state to be a property owner in?

    The reply depends on your situation, but there are several factors that you might want to keep in mind as you decide to invest in property. These include: the scope of tenants' rights, mandatory disclosures, restrictions on deposits and/or pet rent, and how difficult it might be to evict a tenant if problems arise. That said, Utah is the home of popular tourist attractions like Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Arches National Park and colleges and universities like Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, so you shouldn't experience any lack of visitors and tenants if the property is nearby.

Last reviewed or updated 04/22/2022

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