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A New Jersey Lease Agreement is an effective way for residential property owners to set forth the terms and conditions of their arrangements with a renter. With signatures from both the tenant and... Read more

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Making a New Jersey Lease Agreement

  • What is a New Jersey Lease Agreement?

    A New Jersey Lease Agreement is an effective way for residential property owners to set forth the terms and conditions of their arrangements with a renter. With signatures from both the tenant and the property owner, this essential document helps each party to set appropriate expectations. You can click the button labeled "Make document" to check out our New Jersey Rental Contract sample. Suitable for renting out any residential property type, this rental agreement for New Jersey can be used by property owners in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, or any other city or municipality located in the Garden State.

  • Will this New Jersey Rental Contract be legally binding under local law?

    As with any contract, a New Jersey Rental Agreement is not legally binding until it is signed. Different from a New Jersey Lease Agreement template or blank PDF file that you may discover elsewhere, your rental contract comes with the option of Document Defense®, so an attorney can review the situation and take action if you don't get paid or have another problem.

  • Why is it necessary for me to write a New Jersey Rental Agreement?

    Even if you are renting to a loyal renter, your New Jersey Lease Agreement is a document that should never be skipped. Signing this document will most likely be helpful due to this list of benefits:

    • Rent payment requirements are clearly defined
    • The length of the tenancy is agreed upon
    • All parties understand the scope of their responsibilities

    Any landlord who fails to sign a New Jersey Rental Agreement ought to prepare for certain issues, such as confusion regarding fees and questions about due dates.

  • How should the contents of a Lease Agreement template for New Jersey be organized?

    In order to draft a New Jersey Lease Agreement online, you will need to prepare the following details in advance:

    • The location and description of the property
    • The lessee's contact information
    • How much the rent is and when payment is due
    • How long the tenancy will last
    • What kind of services or utilities will be included

    As usual, your document will also contain guidelines related to late payments, animals, smoking and/or narcotics, visitors, and early lease termination. During the process of building your rental contract, you'll also be able to add information related to maintenance procedures, insurance requirements, and furnishings. Additional custom modifications are allowed, if necessary.

    In New Jersey, there are several other requirements that might apply. For example, under NJ state law, the Lease Agreement must include references to the New Jersey Truth in Renting Act. Also, if a security deposit is collected, then the Lease Agreement must state the amount of the deposit, the name and address of the bank where the deposit is held, as well as the tenant's rights to the deposit funds, including when the landlord must return the deposit.

  • Can I create a custom New Jersey Rental Agreement online?

    If you want to create this document with Rocket Lawyer, please use the guidance that is given. Our step-by-step interview will guide you through a few questions about your situation to help us build a New Jersey Lease Agreement that is customized to fit your needs. It can be helpful to try asking an On Call attorney to read it over. This solution, in most cases, would end up being notably more affordable than finding and hiring your average attorney, where invoices can add up to anywhere from several hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the level of complexity.

  • Is anything else required after making my New Jersey Lease Agreement?

    Attached to your New Jersey Lease Agreement, you will find a checklist of directions for what you can do next. With a Premium membership, you may make edits, add signatures via RocketSign®, copy it, print it out, or download it as a Word or PDF file as necessary. Most importantly, you should make sure to provide a final copy of the fully signed agreement to your tenant. Also feel free to take a look at our larger repository of contracts and other documents for property owners.

  • How will New Jersey rental laws impact my residential lease contract?

    Rental laws often change over time and they can differ by city or municipality. If you have any doubts or questions in connection to New Jersey rental laws, you can connect with a lawyer. The answer will vary depending on whom you ask, but quite often some attorneys will not even accept requests to review rental contracts that they didn't write. An easier approach would be to request help from attorney services at Rocket Lawyer. With a Premium membership, you can ask for a contract review from an experienced lawyer or get answers to other questions related to your New Jersey Lease Contract. We're here to support you.

    New Jersey Lease Agreement Laws: N.J. Stat. Ann. §§ 46:8-1 to 46:8-50; 2A:42-1 to 42-96

  • Is New Jersey a landlord-friendly place?

    The reply depends on your needs; but, no matter where you are, there are several items that you might want to note when deciding to rent out property. They include: restrictions on deposits and rent, required disclosures, the scope of tenants' rights, how difficult an eviction could be, and, finally, the amount of property taxes. This being said, New Jersey is the home of tourist destinations like Liberty State Park, the Atlantic City Boardwalk, and Morey's Piers in addition to schools like Princeton University and Rutgers University, so there shouldn't be any shortage of potential visitors and tenants if your rental property is close to them.

Last reviewed or updated 04/22/2022

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