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Make your Free Montana Lease Agreement

If you are a residential property owner, you can make and sign Montana Lease Agreements in order to protect your interests as you plan to offer your rental property to a tenant. When it contains the... Read more

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Sample Montana Lease Agreement Template
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Making a Montana Lease Agreement

  • What is a Montana Lease Agreement?

    If you are a residential property owner, you can make and sign Montana Lease Agreements in order to protect your interests as you plan to offer your rental property to a tenant. When it contains the appropriate information, this legal agreement can help to reduce the likelihood of disputes between the signers. When ready, you can click the button that says "Make document" to check out our Montana Rental Contract sample and see what information you'll need to customize your lease. Appropriate for every residential property type, this rental agreement for Montana can be used by any property owner in Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, and every additional town in the Treasure State.

  • Will this Montana Rental Contract be legally binding under local law?

    As with any other legal agreement, Montana Rental Agreements will not be legally binding until signed. This document from Rocket Lawyer is much more than a generic Montana Lease Agreement template that you might come across elsewhere. As a Rocket Lawyer member, you may opt to access Document Defense® for your lease, which enables an attorney to help you get paid or otherwise enforce your rights.

  • Should I always use a Montana Rental Agreement?

    Whether you are renting out your property to a person or a company, the Montana Lease Agreement is a document that should never be missed. The following list of benefits may help you make the decision to use one:

    • The landlord and tenant(s) know what they are responsible for
    • Neither party is confused about rental fees
    • Lease start and end dates are agreed upon

    If you don't have a Montana Lease Contract, you may experience one or more of the following outcomes: not being paid on time, unexpected modifications of the agreement, and little to no ability to demand a remedy when problems arise.

  • How is a Lease Agreement template for Montana commonly organized?

    To complete your Montana Lease Agreement right now, you'll need to have the following information:

    • The location and description of the property
    • Contact information for your tenant
    • How much you will charge for rent
    • What the duration of the tenancy will be
    • What utilities and/or services are included

    As you might expect from a contract like this, any Montana Lease Agreement that you build using Rocket Lawyer will also include rules about past due payments, invited guests, smoking and/or narcotics, pets/animals, and early move-out. When you build your rental contract, you also can include more specifics about maintenance procedures, insurance requirements, and furnishings. Further customization is possible, as well.

  • What would I usually pay for an attorney to write a Montana Rental Contract?

    The good news is you don't need to pay hundreds of dollars in legal fees to put your agreement in writing. With Rocket Lawyer, you are able to make a Montana Lease Agreement for free today. Your document is constructed section by section, so you can be certain that it contains all of the appropriate details that you'll need. Simply tap or click on "Make document" above to begin.

  • Would I have to take additional actions once I draft a Montana Lease Agreement?

    Your Montana Lease Agreement comes with its own set of recommended actions you should take to finalize your document. With a Premium membership, you may edit it, make copies, print it out, save it in PDF format or as a Word document, or sign it using RocketSign®. Most importantly, you will need to send a final copy of your signed agreement to the other party. Also feel free to check out the other real estate documents in our library.

  • How will Montana rental laws impact my residential lease?

    The law continually evolves over time and it may vary by location. If you are having any doubts in connection to Montana rental laws, connect with an attorney today. Depending on whom you contact, some lawyers will not even accept requests to review your document if they did not write it. A better approach might be via the On Call attorney network. By signing up for a Premium membership, you can request a document review from an experienced lawyer or get answers to other questions related to your Montana Rental Contract. Rocket Lawyer is here to help.

    Montana Lease Agreement Laws: Mont. Code Ann. §§ 70-24-101 to 70-27-117

  • Is Montana a good place for owning rental properties?

    The reply is quite subjective; but, regardless of your location, there are several factors to contemplate as you decide whether or not investing in property is right for you. They may include the following: any limitations on security deposits, the breadth of tenants' rights, mandatory disclosures, how challenging it might be to evict a tenant, and, finally, the amount of property taxes. That said, as Montana is the home of popular destinations like Glacier National Park, Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, and Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park as well as colleges and universities like Montana State University, the University of Montana, and Carroll College, you shouldn't have any lack of potential visitors and tenants if your property is close to them.

Last reviewed or updated 04/22/2022

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