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Other Names: 24 Hour Notice to Enter Notice to Enter Premises Notice to Enter Rental Property Form
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What is a Landlord's Notice to Enter?

From time to time, landlords need to enter their rental properties for routine maintenance, to make sure the properties are habitable, and to confirm that tenants are in compliance with the terms of their leases. In many states, landlords need to give their tenants prior notice by sending them a Landlord's Notice to Enter. Whatever your reason, creating a Notice to Enter is a smart way to protect yourself and your tenants. 
Note that a Landlord's Notice to Enter is not required in most emergency situations, like flooding, fire, or when life or property are at risk. 
This legal document is typically used by landlords who want to make small fixes, replace appliances, or paint the apartments they rent out. Property managers also need to use a Notice to Enter before accessing a rented property. Our Landlord's Notice to Enter includes the date and time of the entry and the reason for access. In most states, a landlord must notify a tenant at least 24 hours before entry.

When to use a Landlord's Notice to Enter:

  • You want to notify tenants of the date and purpose for entering the rental property.

Sample Landlord's Notice to Enter

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Dear Tenant(s):


As provided by law, a landlord or manager is entitled to access rental units provided that reasonable advance notice is given to the tenant(s).


This will serve as a formal request to enter the premises located at on , at approximately for the following purpose(s):


- To inspect the property
- To make repairs, decorations, alterations, or improvements
- To supply necessary services
- To show the property to future renters or buyers


Please contact me at the above address if you have any questions or need additional information. My e-mail address is . A fax can be sent to . I can be contacted by phone at  or  .







Final Checklist for Landlord's Notice to Enter Premises



Make It Legal


_____ The Landlord's Notice to Enter Premises should be signed by .




_____ A copy of the letter should be retained by as a record of notification.


Other Information


* It is recommended that the landlord provide at least 48 hours advance notice of the intent to enter. If time is short, the landlord/manager should give the tenant a phone call in addition to the written notice.


* Consider sending the notice by certified or registered mail if it is important to establish proof that the tenant received the notice.


* The writer should keep a copy of all correspondence to and from the tenant, and maintain a written summary of all telephone conversations.


Reasons to Update


* To change the date that the landlord or manager intends to enter the rental property.


* To change the purpose for entering the property.
Landlord's Notice to Enter document preview

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