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OTHER NAMES Pet Addendum to Lease Pet Agreement Lease Addendum for Pets

What is a Pet Addendum?

A Pet Addendum allows a landlord to define, document, and change their pet policies in a lease agreement. People love their pets, and being able to live peacefully with them is important. Whether you're a landlord leasing a property or a prospective tenant with a family pet, a Pet Addendum can help ensure all the details of the pet policy are clear and well documented. 
Dogs and cats can make excellent companions, but not if you have to hide them from your landlord. A Pet Addendum can make sure your pet is welcome when you move into a new rental. If you're a landlord, your pet policy is probably one of the first questions a potential tenant asks about. A Pet Addendum allows you to specify what types of pets you'll allow and under what conditions. You may be okay with a small Border Collie on your property but not a giant Caucasian Shepherd - and while you might want to allow cats, you may want to limit them to no more than two in a single residence. No matter what your preferences are, you can document them in a Pet Addendum.

When to use a Pet Addendum:

  • You're a landlord who's allowing pets in rental properties.
  • You're renting a home and are allowed to bring your pets with you.
  • There's a current lease in place, but you need to add information on pets.

Sample Pet Addendum

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This ADDENDUM is made on between Landlord and Tenant or Tenants and understood to being included and recognized as Attachment A to modify the Lease (the "Lease") between Landlord and Tenant(s) dated as follows:



Landlord grants permission to Tenant to keep the pet(s) described herein on the Premises (also referred to as "Property") subject to the terms and conditions of the Lease and this Addendum. Landlord may revoke permission at any time if Tenant fails to comply with any of the terms of the Lease and this Addendum.



Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the term "pet" excludes a service, guide, signal, or support animal used by Tenant because of blindness, or deafness, or because of a physical handicap, or because the Tenant is a handler or trainer of support or guide animals. The ADA defines "service animal" as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.


This Dog is a Service Animal:


Tenant is permitted to keep the following pet(s) described herein on the Property. The term "pet" refers to any animal, whether mammal, reptile, bird, fish, rodent, or insect. The term "pet" excludes a service animal.



Name of Pet:

Weight of Pet:

Age of Pet:

Bird Type:

Bird Size:

Reptile Type:

Reptile Size:

Weight of Aquarium: Pounds

Is Pet Declawed?

Are Pet's Vaccinations Current?

Is Pet Licensed?

Has this Pet ever bitten or injured another person?


No pet deposit can be charged for a service animal; however, a damage deposit can be requested. The following pet deposit does not include any charge for service animals allowed on the premises.


No pet rent can be charged for a service animal. The following pet rent does not include any charge for service animals allowed on the premises.


No pet fee can be charged for a service animal. The following pet fee does not include any charge for service animals allowed on the premises.


Tenant agrees to comply with all the applicable statutes, ordinances, restrictions, home owner's association rules, and other enforceable regulations regarding any pet, including licensing the pet, if applicable. Tenant further agrees to: 1) keep pet vaccinations current, 2) to confine the pet, when outside, with a leash or in a carrier, and 3) to promptly and properly remove any pet waste from any part of the Property. Tenant shall take all reasonable action to insure that the pet(s) described herein do not violate the rights of other persons on the Property, and shall not permit the pet(s) to bark, howl, snarl, or otherwise create any noise at such a level, frequency, or time as to disturb other Tenants.


Tenant shall not leave the pet(s) unattended on the Premises for any period in excess of days. Tenant shall provide proper care, food, and shelter for the pet(s). No breeding of the pet(s) shall be permitted on the premises.



If Landlord receives any written or verbal complaints from other Tenants at the Property concerning Tenant's failure to comply with the conditions described in this Addendum, Landlord shall investigate the complaint(s) and inform Tenant, in writing, about the same. If Tenant fails to address said complaint(s) after written notifications, Landlord shall notify Tenant, in writing, of Landlord's demand to remove, or to cause to be removed, Tenant's pet or pets from the Premises within days.



Tenant shall be responsible for all damages to the Premises caused by the pet(s) described herein, including but not limited to carpets, doors, walls, drapes, wallpaper, windows, screens, furniture, appliances, sod, yards, fences, or landscaping. Upon termination of the Lease or removal of the pet(s) from the Premises, whichever occurs first, and if any part of the Premises leased by Tenant were damaged or fouled by the pet(s) or infested with fleas, Tenant shall be responsible for the cost for professional carpet cleaning, treatment for flea infestation, and any other repair or replacement required and related to property damage caused by Tenant's pet(s). These repair or replacement costs shall be deducted from the Pet or Damage Deposit. If damage caused by the pet(s) exceeds the dollar amount of the Pet or Damage Deposit, any and all additional costs must be paid by Tenant immediately upon demand by Landlord.



Tenant must remove or confine any pet at any time that the pet is likely to limit or to prohibit Landlord or other authorized persons access to Premises as permitted by the Lease.



To the extent permitted by law, Tenant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Landlord, Landlord's property manager (if there is one), and Landlord's agents from any and all damages, costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney's fees, if any, which Landlord may suffer or incur in connection with the act or acts of any pet(s) described herein.



If Tenant breaches any provision in this Addendum, Landlord may exercise any or all of the remedies described under the Lease.





By: Date:






By: Date:



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