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Fresh paint pays off.

Paint is an upgrade that often pays dividends. A fresh coat is vital to making a positive first impression when a potential buyer walks through the door. The condition of the interior and exterior paint is typically one of the first things many potential buyers notice. A shabby, old, worn paint job makes the home appear unkempt and neglected. Fresh paint can significantly improve a buyer’s perception of a property, which can make it easier to sell.

Interior paint adds significant value when you are selling a home, in some cases adding as much as 5% to the final sale price. That can make painting your property one of the best bang-for-your-buck upgrades that you can perform.

It is a good idea to pick neutral shades of paint for both interior and exterior projects. Paint the outside of the home so that it is a similar shade to the majority of the surrounding homes to improve curb appeal and attract more buyers. Neutral interior shades have a clean, fresh look that can show off the home while helping to make spaces feel larger.

Consider hiring professional painters if you are looking for the job to be done quickly and with minimal effort. The downside, of course, is the expense. Painting the home yourself can save money, but it requires time and effort along with many specialized tools to get the job done right. If you find a painting contractor who can do the job for you for less than a larger painting business, you will still want to get the project details in writing. A Painting Contract can help you avoid costly misunderstandings.

Refresh landscaping for a good first impression.

Landscaping is another feature that can have a major impact upon first impression, especially when it comes to curb appeal. When you are preparing a property for sale, it is vital to cut the grass, edge around walkways, trim trees and hedges, and remove weeds, trash, and other debris. The result is a fresh, cared-for appearance that helps to attract buyers and makes the home more appealing.

Adding new landscaping can improve a home’s curb appeal, but doesn’t always translate into an increase in the sale price. Many new homeowners prefer to plant their own flowers, so it is more important to make sure that flower beds and gardening areas are clean and look tidy. Typically, however, for rental properties, buyers prefer low maintenance landscaping. If you plan to hire a landscape contractor to help you transform the exterior of your property in preparation for selling, a Lanscaping Contract can help get the details of the project in writing.

New flooring is a game changer.

Upgraded flooring can improve the appearance and desirability of your property. If the home has old carpet that is dirty and stained, cleaning it might not suffice. Carpets and flooring that are showing signs of wear are best replaced with a newer budget option. There is a lot of flooring, and like paint, new flooring resonates with buyers.

Upgrading to wood or tile floors, however, can quickly become expensive and the return on investment might not compensate for the expense, but it is still an option to consider when selling a property. A flooring upgrade is particularly beneficial if the home has different styles of flooring in different rooms. One, consistent flooring style is more attractive to buyers than rooms with a mixture of tile, wood, and carpet.

These days, many people are using either luxury vinyl tile or laminate to upgrade flooring. These flooring options have the look of hardwood floors at a much lower cost. Replacing flooring yourself can be tricky as there are a number of ways that the flooring can be installed incorrectly. Hiring a professional to replace old carpets or lay new luxury vinyl tile is often less expensive than property owners expect. Use a Flooring Contract if you plan to hire a contractor to install new flooring.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades can be worth it.

An outdated kitchen or bathroom can seriously date the appearance of a home and make many buyers think twice about the purchase. Simple and affordable upgrades include door and cabinet pull replacements, new faucets, and improved lighting. These changes are easy to do on your own and a great way to make bathroom and kitchen spaces look better without a complete remodel.

Replacing crusty faucets, repairing leaking drains, and fixing other plumbing problems can often be simple DIY jobs if you are comfortable with the required tools and materials. A plumber may be needed for repairs to hot and cold water supply lines, gas lines, and sewer drains because of the need for specialized skills and tools. Many other repairs are fairly simple, but most add much value to the home. That said, leaky pipes can be a sign of larger problems, water damage, rot, and staining, so a proactive approach to these problems can go a long way toward ensuring buyers see the best of your property.

Replacing sinks and bathtubs may involve a larger kitchen or bathroom remodel. Consider replacing chipped, scratched, or stained sinks or tubs. There are low-cost options that don't require a full bathroom or kitchen remodel to significantly improve the appearance of the space. Changing out old mirrors with modern, frameless designs and replacing cabinets and countertops with simple, modern designs can make a major improvement. If you're not comfortable making these improvements yourself, consider hiring a contractor. Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations, and always make sure you have all of the essential details in a signed Home Improvement Contract to make sure there is no confusion.

Declutter and depersonalize to impress buyers.

Buyers are likely to look in closets and cupboards, open drawers, and peek in storage spaces, so removing as much of your stuff as possible from the property can make it more attractive to potential buyers. It is a good idea to remove as many of your own personal knickknacks, photographs, and other personal items to help the space feel more open. You may also want to stage some areas so that buyers can get a feel for how they might use the space.

Decluttering not only makes the property seem larger but also makes buyers more comfortable. This is one step that doesn’t have much cost associated with it and can instantly upgrade a property’s appearance. Consider renting a storage unit to store personal items in while trying to sell your home if you don’t have another way to store items. 

Make small and important repairs.

There are a number of small repairs to make before considering more expensive and labor-intensive upgrades. Small steps like replacing broken electrical outlet faceplates, filling in cracked grout around tile, and replacing worn or damaged weatherstripping around doors and windows can enhance the appeal of a home. If you plan to hire a contractor to help you with these small repairs, use a Repair Contract to lay out the services that will be provided and the compensation to be paid.

A few major repairs for all sellers to consider include those to roofing, the foundation, and the plumbing and electrical systems. Many of these projects are expensive and require professional assistance. However, avoiding these crucial repairs can seriously limit the amount of money you can make when selling a property and could lead to homes staying on the market for a long time.

Learn more before listing.

If you are marketing to buyers who intend to be landlords or are thinking about not selling and remaining a landlord yourself, learn more about the rental property improvements that attract tenants. If you are looking for ways to streamline your leasing and property management processes, try these landlord legal documents that make communication and documentation tasks significantly faster and easier. With electronic signatures and lawyers ready to review your documents, you can lease it or list it confidently.

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