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What is a Bankruptcy Worksheet?

If you're thinking about filing for bankruptcy a Bankruptcy Form can help you organize the information you'll need. Maybe you're not sure if it's the right move for you or if it's even an option at all. Either way, it can help to play with the figures first. This Bankruptcy Form is a great tool for helping you make an informed decision. 

In an uncertain economic climate bankruptcy can be a shrewd option, not just a last resort. When making this personal decision this bankruptcy form is still one of the best ways to help you decide if you should file. It's certainly not an easy choice, and it's not right for everyone. You'll need to figure out your assets and debts: who do you owe money to? Is your income going to work with bankruptcy? What are your expenses that you can't clear? Working with a bankruptcy attorney can certainly help, but you can figure out some of the important details yourself. A little preparation can help you save time and money - Using a Bankruptcy Worksheet can help you see the big picture and decide where to go from there.

When to use a Bankruptcy Worksheet:

  • You're thinking about filing bankruptcy.
  • You're helping someone else with the bankruptcy process.

Sample Bankruptcy Worksheet

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Prepared on


Background Information








Type of Debtor:

Nature of Debt:


last filed in .


last filed in .


Real Property



Secured Creditors


Priority Unsecured Creditors


- Debtor disputes amount owed


Monthly Income



Gross Wages

Business Operations

Rental or Real Property

Interest, Dividends, or Royalties


Social Security



Child Support

Food Stamps

Rent Assistance

Public Assistance

Income Prior to Monthly Expenses


Monthly Expenses



Mortgage or rent

Property/Renters Insurance

Property Taxes

HOA/Condominium dues









Home Maintenance/Repairs/Supplies









Clothing/Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Personal Care Products/Services

Child Care


Child Support



Charitable Contributions/Religious Donations

Life Insurance


Total Monthly Expense


Total Income after Expense


Tax debts less than 3 years old.

Money obtained through false pretenses.

Credit obtained for the purchase of luxury goods within 60 days of filing for bankruptcy.

Cash advances received through credit plans within 60 days of filing bankruptcy.

Debts for theft.

Child support or alimony.

Debts for willful injury to another.

Student loans that first became due less than seven years before filing bankruptcy.

Debts caused by drunk driving.

PendingOn AppealConcluded
Bankruptcy Worksheet document preview

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