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State   $ Limit
Alabama   $3,000
Alaska   $10,000
Arizona   $2,500
Arkansas   $5,000
California   $7,500*
Colorado   $7,500
Connecticut   $5,000*
D.C.   $5,000
Delaware   $15,000
Florida   $5,000
Georgia   $15,000*
Hawaii   $3,500*
Idaho   $5,000
Illinois   $10,000
Indiana   $6,000
Iowa   $5,000
Kansas   $4,000
Kentucky   $1,500
Louisiana   $3,000*
Maine   $6,000
Maryland   $5,000
Massachusetts   $7,000*
Michigan   $3,000
Minnesota   $7,500*
Mississippi   $3,500
Missouri   $3,000
Montana   $3,000
Nebraska   $3,500
Nevada   $5,000
New Hampshire   $7,500
New Jersey   $3,000*
New Mexico   $10,000
New York   $5,000*
North Carolina   $5,000
North Dakota   $10,000
Ohio   $3,000
Oklahoma   $6,000
Oregon   $7,500
Pennsylvania   $8,000*
Rhode Island   $2,500
South Carolina   $7,500
South Dakota   $12,000
Tennessee   $25,000*
Texas   $10,000
Utah   $10,000
Vermont   $5,000
Virginia   $5,000
Washington   $5,000
West Virginia   $5,000
Wisconsin   $5,000*
Wyoming   $5,000

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