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#1 - Ask questions about COVID-19 safety

Despite new infection rates dropping as vaccination rates rise, COVID-19 is still a concern. So, if you are going to send your child to camp, make sure you ask about the camp's safety measures.

Look for summer camps that have carefully prepared safety protocols to follow to protect staff and campers from COVID exposure. This can include monitoring for symptoms and testing, as well as clear guidelines for what to do if a camper or staffer tests positive. Another good sign that the camp takes COVID seriously may include enhanced cleaning protocols throughout the camp.

Look for a program that continues to take COVID-19 seriously so that you and your child can have peace of mind.

#2 - Get eligible kids fully vaccinated

If your child can be vaccinated, you may want to get them vaccinated before you send them to camp. This will add a layer of protection beyond what the camp can implement with safety protocols, allowing you to rest a bit easier in the event of a COVID exposure at camp. Vaccination can also help reduce the severity of an infection as well as lower the risk of your child spreading COVID to others at camp, or when they return home.

#3 - Find a camp with groups, pods, or cohorts

One way to prevent exposure to COVID is to limit exposure to others. Social distancing is difficult in a camp setting, but some camps are setting up groups to help limit contact. Whether it's the cabin, a pod, or a cohort, consider looking for a camp that will keep your child with the same group of people all week or all summer to limit exposure. Your child can still experience all of the adventures of camp, but with limited exposure to other children and staff.

#4 - Review current CDC, state, and local guidelines

Before you send your child to camp, review the COVID-19 summer camp guidelines from the CDC. Among other guidelines, the CDC is recommending:

  • Continued support for mask-wearing for those who wish to wear one.
  • Vaccinations for eligible campers and staffers.
  • Pre-arrival COVID screening.
  • Physical distancing when campers cannot be vaccinated.
  • Assigning campers to cohorts that stay together throughout the camp session as much as possible without mixing with other groups.
  • Continued adherence to state and local regulations and rules for camps.

Choose a camp that follows these recommendations to ensure your child is as protected as possible.

#5 - Have an emergency plan

COVID-19 is still out there. Even if you find a safe camp with all the safety protocols in place, there is always some uncertainty. Make sure you and your child have a plan in case of emergency to bring your child home quickly. Consider your own travel plans and speak with camp staff about what you need to do to safely collect your child.

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