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Other Names: Executor Checklist Survivor Checklist Checklist for What to Do After Someone Dies After Death Checklist Checklist After Death of Parent Death of Spouse Checklist
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What is an Executor Checklist?

An Executor of Will Checklist is a useful tool that can help you gather information and stay organized when managing the estate of a loved one who has passed away. These checklists can assist you in keeping track of all the information and obligations you have when you need to administer the estate of a loved one.

There's a lot to take care of when someone passes away. What documents do you need to gather, and who needs to be informed? Executor Checklists can help you inventory the deceased's accounts, debts, and assets, compile the necessary forms and documents, and manage the estate. This checklist can guide you when you don't know where to start and provide help in keeping track of all the moving pieces.

Dealing with the estate of a loved one can be overwhelming, especially when you're grieving. Hopefully an Executor of Will Checklist make this difficult time a little easier.

When to use a Survivor Checklist:

  • You're administering someone's estate.
  • You need to notify beneficiaries of someone's passing.
  • You have to figure out the financials of a deceased person.
  • You need to figure out the details of someone's estate.

Sample Executor Checklist

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The following personal, financial, and legal information has been gathered to assist with the handling of the estate procedures for (the "Decedent"). This Survivor Checklist provides information about the Decedent's address and personal items, heirs and beneficiaries, and financial information. It includes most (if not all) of the information needed to decide whether or not formal estate procedures are required. Further, information regarding the Decedent's legal and financial advisors and other important contacts is included so that further details can be obtained from the appropriate parties.


. PERSONAL INFORMATION: The following personal information is provided about the Decedent:


Decedent's name:




Date of birth:

Date of death:






. LEGAL AND FINANCIAL ADVISORS: The Decedent's financial advisors included the following:


. ESTATE DOCUMENTS: The Decedent's estate planning included the following documents:


. RESPONSIBLE PERSONS: The following persons or entities are the most knowledgeable about the Decedent's financial and personal matters, and are the most likely to be involved in handling the Decedent's estate:



The Decedent and the surviving spouse had not entered into a premarital agreement.

The Decedent and the surviving spouse had entered into a premarital agreement as follows:


  Name of Agreement:

  Date of Agreement:





All of the Decedent's children are also the children of the surviving spouse.Information regarding the other parent of the Decedent's child(ren) is shown below:


  Child: _________________________

  Child's Other Parent: _________________________


  Child: _________________________

  Child's Other Parent: _________________________




















Final Instructions for the

Survivor Checklist for


Make It Legal


* The Survivor Checklist is not a legal document and does not need to be signed.


Other Information


* Certain information may not be available at the time the checklist is first prepared. Blank lines have been printed for questions where you answered "yes" and then provided no information or incomplete information.


* To update the Survivor Checklist, open the saved copy and enter the new or additional information.




If possible, obtain and attach copies of the following documents:


* Death Certificate

* , dated  


Reasons to Update


* This checklist should be updated one or more times as new or additional information regarding the personal and financial information of becomes available.

Executor of Will Checklist document preview

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