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Sample Website Terms of Use Form Template
Website Terms of Use Basics

You own a website and need to explain the rules for using your website. That's where a Website Terms of Use can help. You can determine what prohibited use is. It's also smart to give users a rundown on how your site works. A website needs leadership to succeed. Think of your Website Terms of Use as your site's playbook.

Use the Website Terms of Use document if:

  • You have created a website and you want to explain how your website works and its prohibited uses.

Websites can easily get overrun by trolls and spam. A Website Terms of Use can help you keep that from happening, plus cover you from a legal perspective. It's tough for you to keep things in check if there aren't any rules. You can encourage proper - and productive - use of your site by setting some guidelines. What's not allowed? Just what kind of behavior is outlawed, anyway? What's the difference between spam and genuine advice? It might seem obvious, but remember that common sense isn't so common, especially when we're talking about the internet. This isn't just a task for a new site. Is your website due for an overhaul? When's the last time you read your current rules, anyway? A Website Terms of Use can help you set, or update, the guidelines for playing nicely.

Sample Website Terms of Use

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This document is sometimes called Terms and Conditions.

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