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Sample Web Hosting Agreement Form Template
Web Hosting Agreement Basics

You own a web hosting company - which means you need to have a Web Hosting Agreement at your fingertips. When you do web hosting for clients, you need to stay organized and put the important terms in writing. Not all arrangements are the same. A Web Hosting Agreement helps you stay on track and keep your customers happy.

Use the Web Hosting Agreement document if:

  • You are a Web Hosting company offering web hosting services to other companies.
  • You would like to hire a web hosting service to manage your website.

If you're a web host, you know that keeping clients' sites up and running is job number one. A Web Hosting Agreement can help you clarify your agreements and hold up your end of the bargain. Or maybe you're actively looking for new clients. You know that website owners have a lot of options. You can stand out by making the paperwork transparent and easy. And if you're a site owner looking for a web host? You can't depend on an email chain as proof of an agreement. You need a formal Web Hosting Agreement to make it official.

Sample Web Hosting Agreement

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Web Hosting Agreement.

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