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Sample Waiver of Service Form Template
Waiver of Service Basics

Sometimes, you can't wait to defend yourself. In a lawsuit, using an Acceptance of Service to waive the service requirement can assist your defense. Create an Acceptance of Service document to waive your right to formal service in a legal action.

Use the Waiver of Service document if:

  • You have received a complaint, or initial documents to a lawsuit and you would like to waive official service.
  • You wish to waive formal service requirement to get straight to your defense against the legal action.

Sample Waiver of Service

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Waiver of Service.

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Once you have been served with a lawsuit the clock on your time to response, or answer, begins to run. Often, if you see a fatal flaw in the plaintiff's lawsuit, you may wish to get straight to your defense. If you have received the initial lawsuit documents, or complaint, use an Acceptance of Service document to waive the service requirement. The plaintiff will not have to formally serve you, and you can get straight to your answer and defense.

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