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Sample Telecommuting Agreement Form Template
Telecommuting Agreement Basics

You're an employer who realizes that not every employee has to come into the office every day for maximum productivity. But before letting them loose to work in their pajamas, get a Telecommuting Agreement in place. More companies are realizing the benefits of letting employees work from home. And happy employees are productive employees. A Telecommuting Agreement spells out the expectations of the arrangement.

Use the Telecommuting Agreement document if:

  • You are an Employer who would like to provide your Employees the option to telecommute and work from home and would like to set certain rules employees should follow while working away from the office.

If you're a business owner who's about to let workers take care of business from their couch, kudos to you. Just make sure a Telecommuting Agreement is signed first. Not every employee is cut out for working from home, and not every position can allow it. However, when it works, it can lead to greater employee happiness and productivity. You can up your odds for success by making sure your employees understand your expectations. Do they need to be at the computer during certain hours? Are there video conferences where dress codes are still enforced? Do they need to "clock in" virtually? Your Telecommuting Agreement can help ensure that both the employer and employees make the most of working from anywhere.

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Sample Telecommuting Agreement

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Telecommuting Agreement.

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