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Sample Sweepstakes Rules Form Template
Sweepstakes Rules Basics

You are running a sweepstakes and are about to make someone's dream come true! Before you start the contest, make sure your Sweepstakes Rules are in place. Skipping this step can lead to confusion, or even legal trouble, after a winner is announced. Make sure you spell out the Sweepstakes Rules for a fun - and fair - contest.

Use the Sweepstakes Rules document if:

  • You are a Sponsor of a sweepstakes and you want to outline the rules of the sweepstakes
  • You are a business owner hosting a sweepstakes and you want to outline the terms of eligibility.

There's a reason Sweepstakes Rules can look so long and complex. You have to cover every possibility when you're handing over a prize. Luckily for you, you don't have to draft the rules from scratch. It can actually be pretty easy to put together this document. You need to let participants know the rules and who's eligible, and make sure there's no room for arguments after a winner's announced. For example, if you don't explicitly say that participants have to be US residents, you might end up with a winner from Canada or Honduras and it may be awkward and expensive to untangle that web. Avoid any trouble by making sure your Sweepstakes Rules are a top priority.

Sample Sweepstakes Rules

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