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Sample Stock Certificate Form Template
Stock Certificate Basics

When someone buys stock in your company, it's an exciting affirmation of success. Consider giving your shareholders Stock Certificates as evidence of their investment. Both you and your shareholders can use this Stock Certificate as proof of the purchase, and to help safeguard your legal rights.

Use the Stock Certificate document if:

  • You want to give a stockholder proof of purchase of stock.
  • You want to give new stockholders evidence of their ownership of stock shares that were issued by a newly-formed corporation.
  • You want to give a stockholder evidence of ownership of stock shares that were transferred to the stockholder from a former stockholder.

Corporations can give their shareholders Stock Certificates as proof of ownership of corporate stock. While a certificate lists the stock owner and the number of shares they own, it isn't the stock itself--rather, it's evidence that the shareholder actually owns the stock in question. When creating your Stock Certificate, you'll want to include information like: the name and location of your corporation; the stock purchaser; the stock certificate number; the number of shares; whether the stock has a minimum price per share (aka "par value"); whether you're issuing common or preferred stock; what (if any) transfer restrictions apply; and the date the stock will be issued. If your organization has a corporate seal, you'll can affix it to the printed Stock Certificate.

Sample Stock Certificate

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