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Sample Product Agreement Form Template
Product Agreement Basics

When you're buying or selling goods, a Product Agreement makes the transaction crystal clear. A written agreement trumps a handshake when questions arise. Signing a Product Agreement protects both buyers and sellers.

Use the Product Agreement document if:

  • You're selling goods to another business.
  • You're buying products from another business.
  • You manage a company where goods are sold or bought.

Buying and selling are the basis of business, but in the rush to complete a transaction, it's sometimes easy to skip the details. Writing up a solid Product Agreement may actually save you money down the road. It's smart to get a written quote up front. In a Product Agreement, you can describe the items in detail and include quality standards that the seller must meet. You can specify when and where your items will be delivered. What happens if the goods don't arrive, or come late? Or what if you don't get paid for the products? Or if the price suddenly changes? You might not realize you don't have anything beyond a verbal agreement until it's too late. Customers might be counting on you having products on a certain date. You might have even accepted backorders. Or maybe you run a small business and getting paid on time means your mortgage gets paid. A Product Agreement can help keep you in the clear.

Other names for this document: Contract for Sale of Goods, Product Contract

Sample Product Agreement

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Product Agreement.

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