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Sample Parking Space Lease Form Template
Parking Space Lease Basics

You've got a stellar parking space you're not using. Or you've found the perfect place to stow your ride and need a Parking Space Lease. Getting a Parking Space Lease can help you formally claim your prized spot, or bring in some income from a parking place you're not using.

Use the Parking Space Lease document if:

  • You want to lease out a parking spot.
  • You're eyeing a parking spot up for rent.

In some cities, a good parking spot is hard to find. A Parking Space Lease is a win-win. If you're the lucky owner of prime parking real estate, competition from drivers might be fierce. Make sure you're getting paid fairly and regularly. If you own a car, you may want the peace of mind from parking close to your home or office rather than circling the block. Getting it in writing spells out the what-ifs. What if someone else parks in your spot? What if you don't get your lease payment on time? What if you decide to go green, sell your car, and skateboard to work before the lease is up? Life is full of surprises. But you can protect your spot. A Parking Space Lease can help you avoid those bumps in the road-or parking lot.

Other names for this document: Parking Space Lease Agreement, Parking Lease, Parking Space Lease Form

Sample Parking Space Lease

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