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Sample Notice to Heirs Form Template
Notice to Heirs Basics

As the administrator of an estate, it's crucial to take the right legal steps. A Notice to Heirs document enables you to officially notify those family members, and others mentioned in the Will, that they may be potential heirs to the estate. It alerts them to an informal probate. Our Notice to Heirs form makes it easy.

Use the Notice to Heirs document if:

  • You are the administrator of an estate and you would like to send notice to all the heirs of the estate.

A Notice to Heirs document is typically sent by the administrator. The form must be delivered in person with an Acceptance of Service form (which is signed by the heir upon receipt), or mailed by certified mail with an Affidavit of Service, to prove that the Notice to Heirs has been mailed to the heir's legal address. Laws vary depending on where you live; for specific guidance on who to send the notice to, and when, consult with an estate planning attorney. Time can be critical, as the Notice to Heirs must typically be sent within a set number of days after the administrator has been appointed.

Other names for this document: Letter to Heirs, Notice to Beneficiaries

Sample Notice to Heirs

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