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Sample Notice of Contract Termination Form Template
Notice of Contract Termination Basics

Reviewed by Rocket Lawyer On Call Attorney  Amanda Rice, Esq

Sometimes things just don't work out. Whether you're dissatisfied with the way someone is delivering on a contract or you no longer need their services, sending a Notice of Contract Termination makes it clear to everyone that the contract has been cancelled.

Use the Notice of Contract Termination document if:

  • You want to notify a party to a contract that the contract is being terminated and to provide the date of termination.

You can maintain better relationships down the line if everything is explicit. A Notice of Contract Termination is a formal declaration from you to another party that you plan to cancel your contract. The Notice contains the terms under which you are permitted to terminate the agreement. It also states when the contract ends. A Notice of Contract Termination creates a record that you notified the other party about the cancellation and the end date. That way you'll have proof if the other party claims something different down the road. That said, not all agreements end on bad terms. A Notice of Contract Termination can also serve as a courtesy to thank others for their services and preserve the relationship for the future.

Other names for this document: Contract Termination Letter, Notice of Cancellation of Contract

Sample Notice of Contract Termination

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