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Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester

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Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester Form Template
Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester Basics

A Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester (NDA) helps companies hire testers for their products while limiting the risk that the specifics and secrets of those products will leak out as a result. If you've been hired to test a product you'll likely have to sign an NDA in order to prevent you from revealing any information about the product until it's ready. If you're hiring people to test your company's product then an NDA helps protect your sensitive information while the product is being developed. A Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester document allows companies to get the information they need without jeopardizing their research.

Use the Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester document if:

  • You're giving someone software to test.
  • You're testing software for a company.
  • You own or manage a software development company.

When you've created the next must-have software, you need to protect it. Before handing it over to a tester, have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester document. This helps ensure that your unrevealed software is stays that way. You need to make sure it works and to get the bugs out, but that means trusting someone else with it. Or maybe you test software for a living, you want to make sure you and the company can trust you - signing an NDA can help make that happen. Having a Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester protects company's trade secrets while getting valuable feedback.

Other names for this document: NDA - Beta Tester, Software NDA, Software Confidentiality Agreement

Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Non-Disclosure Agreement - Beta Tester.

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