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Sample Membership Agreement Form Template
Membership Agreement Basics

Online communities and social networks are a wonderful way to stay connected with people who share common interests. A Membership Agreement works to help keep your online community safe and fun; the document outlines the terms and conditions for members who want to participate in the online community, so that everyone involved can know what the rules are and stick to them.

Use the Membership Agreement document if:

  • You've formed an online social network or group.
  • You manage a community-based online organization.

With a Membership Agreement, you can help ensure the continuing success of your social network, whatever its focus. Like interactions offline, in "real life," a sense of responsibility and clear expectations are necessary for everyone to get along. A Membership Agreement enables you to set up the structure for your community, with the guidelines to help your online group thrive, so that all members can benefit from their online connections.

Other names for this document: User Agreement, Member Agreement, Website Terms

Sample Membership Agreement

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