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Sample Job Posting Template Form Template
Job Posting Template Basics

Looking to recruit a talented new employee? Find the perfect candidate by using a Job Posting Template. You can outline the position's requirements and duties, making it easier to find well-suited candidates, faster. The sooner you know what you're looking for, the sooner you can hire the right person for the job, and get back to business.

Use the Job Posting Template document if:

  • You're an employer, and you'd like to notify prospective employees that you are looking to hire for a certain job position in your company.
  • Your company wants to solicit job applications from qualified applicants, and you need to establish the specific qualifications for the position.

Sample Job Posting Template

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Job Posting Template.

Save, sign, print, and download your document when you are done.

Use a Job Posting Template to determine the job requirements for an available position at your business. Your Template should give potential applicants a good idea of the duties and responsibilities of the role, and the required qualifications. Once you've outlined what you're looking for, you can post the job listing with an agency or in a public forum. Your Job Posting Template may include details like: the specific title and nature of the job; how many positions are available; the name and address of your business; the range of salary being offered; the qualifications required for the job (such as education, work experience, competencies and skill sets); a description of the position's responsibilities and expectations; the last day you'll accept applications; and where applicants should direct any questions about the listing. You should also tell applicants whether they should include a cover letter, resume, references or background check.

Other names for this document: Job Listing Template

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