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Sample Internet Policy Form Template
Internet Policy Basics

The Internet is a central part of today's economy, especially in terms of e-commerce, and also communication and research. If you regularly use the Internet in your workplace, you can implement an Internet Policy to outline for your employees what you expect when they go online. This document can be used to detail appropriate and inappropriate uses of the Internet. It can apply to those working with computers, as well as smartphones, so that all Internet activity can conform to company rules and expectations. This includes limiting time on social media, and personal email accounts.

Use the Internet Policy document if:

  • You're in HR and need to implement or update documents related to work practices.
  • Your company doesn't have an existing Internet policy in place.

Sample Internet Policy

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An Internet Policy is a way to help limit your liability as an employer, as both an employee and the business can be held liable under law for inappropriate or illegal uses of the Internet. You can use an Internet Policy to specify the correct practices, legal risks, unacceptable uses of the email system, and potential sanctions for any violations. The Internet Policy can be a standalone document, or can be included as a section in an employee handbook. In either case, you can ask employees to sign the policy, to show they have read and understood what the policy of your business is when it comes to using the Internet at work.

Other names for this document: Employee Internet Policy, Company Internet Policy

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